Welcome Mates to the home of Canada’s one and only Jade Dragon Pirates!

And we are welcoming this momentous event with a brand new site designed by one of our very own pirates (keepin’ it in the crew, you know). It’s a new friendlier feel from your favourite less than bloodthirsty, north of the border, all ages entertainment, Pirates

Stay on board a while if you’d like to know more about our merry band of Privateers and what can actually do to entertain you and your masses. That’s right.. We said Merry. Consider us the Pirate versions of Robin Hood.

Feel free to check out our photo gallery and youtube videos as well as a list of what we've got planned and booked. You just never know where we’ll sail into next. We may be coming to your port really soon!

Do remember. We are never alone on the high seas so visit the links to our brethren. Other performers and artists as well as those honest (Honest? Pirates?) proveyors of many things pirate.

If you want us to attend your event, function, or chat, drop us a line. We don't bite... much. And only if you ask us to... Most of the time.

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